[Sca-cooks] Historical Apples

otsisto otsisto at socket.net
Sun Oct 26 11:21:30 PDT 2008

Oh you got to be kinding! Why were the judges expecting it to be "authentic"
apples? Were they expecting the person to have researched the apple variety?
Well why stop at apples, why not make it with period wheat.(sarcasm)
How "expert" was the entrant?

this might help some with varieties

Most of them seem to go only back to the 1700s but there is a probablility
that some of those may have gone further back.

German, Bietigheimer, 1598
Cathead, English, 1629


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This curiosity was brought on by a recent cooking competition in which a
couple judges were complaining that an entrant had not use period apples

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