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Urtatim answered me with:
>> So, what varieties are available today (without growing one's own)
>> that are period or close to period? Are Pippins as close as we can
>> get? (crab apples are an awful lot of work for a feast)
>  Why are crabapples a lot of work for a feast? Because they are small?

Yes. >>>

Okay. Are they available commercially? I don't think I've seen them,  
but I'm also not sure I would recognize them if I did see them. I  
don't think I've ever tasted any. But I do know they are different  
from horse apples, which we do have here, or at least we did up in  
the Steppes (Dallas).

I did recently add this Florilegium file, but alas, it is rather short.
crabapples-msg     (8K) 11/27/05    Period crabapples and their uses.

<<< But in the SCA, if one is cooking for 60 or 100 or more people,
making something like apple moyse, i hate to think how many teeny
tiny crab apples one will have to peel and core to make a reasonable
amount. >>>

They might be something to save for pot-lucks, then. Do they really  
taste different enough that you can tell in something like apple  
moyse that they are not just the regular, generic apples? Since the  
fruit in such dishes tends to be chopped up, you probably couldn't  
tell from appearance.  For something like a sotelitie, though their  
small size might be good.

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