[Sca-cooks] Was Kumiss stuff, now Drake's interesting few days...

Stefan li Rous StefanliRous at austin.rr.com
Mon Oct 27 23:21:22 PDT 2008

Hmmm. Does  that "interesting" in this message title refer to "Drakey  
interesting" or normal people's "interesting"? They often don't seem  
to have the same meaning...

Drakey replied to me with various comments.

<<< is Lochac's Brewer's Vintners and Imbibers Guild Newsletter...
Remember the email was a brain dump in 2003 resurrected for Lilliah..>>>

Oh, I understood that. Just didn't recognize the initials.  I like  
the fact that you include us imbibers.  After all, someone has to  
help you drink the best of the stuff you brew. Otherwise you brewers  
would be drunk all the time and who knows how the results would  
suffer... We can't have that. Hmmm. Maybe that the Mongols were drunk  
all the time explains how the Mongols could drink kumiss... :-)

  <<< Now I will do it up into an article but NOT in the next few  
weeks... >>>

Thank you. That would be wonderful. I don't have any specific  
deadlines on the Florilegium except for my monthly article and if  
something doesn't get in one month for that, there is always the  
next.  I would prefer that people write me their articles though  
before they get distracted by something else. :-)  I think there are  
a number of people who will be interested in your article.  I do  
think that the knowledge base in the SCA in the practical arts is  
gradually getting better all the time and that the work that is being  
done by folks in the SCA is also having an effect outside the SCA as  

<<< Why...
  Well, I've just had a feast dumped on my lap with 2 weeks notice...>>>

Uh oh. Good luck.

<<< Well actually a whole weekend... I've put together a feast plan I
think we can achieve... I have a budget for A$4200 for 120 people for
a weekend, which includes equipment hire (Meat Roasters).

  The menu concept set  was not my own and I'm not entirely
confortable with autocrat setting food menus, so I've re-arranged it
and 'gussied' it up a hell of a lot... I have a reputation for fine
food to uphold... >>>

Wow, that's a lot of meals. I'm not sure how Australian dollars  
equate to American dollars (except probably less for more) nor what  
your food costs are, but that sounds difficult. Does the 120 include  
comped feasts or is that added on to the 120?

I'd like to hear your final menu and recipes as well as a report on  
how things work out.

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