[Sca-cooks] Cooks and Bards' Symposium

Katja katjaorlova at yahoo.com
Thu Oct 30 10:06:36 PDT 2008

I am frequently a few days behind on my Cooks List digests, so I hadn't responded yet. (Bad Katja, no biscuit!) I can't use the excuse that I'm busy with being a landed baroness, since His Highness Gunther is a current prince and *he's* responding to the list pretty quickly! <laughs>
Yes, I am going to this event and I am leading a discussion on effective feast budgeting.  :)
The title I submitted was "How I Did Fall Coronation for $200 Under Budget," since I was head cook for AEthelmearc's coronation last month, and yes, I served 120 people a three-course 14th Century English feast (with three meats) for $602. 
(I was originally given a budget of $8 per head, based on what other cooks in our kingdom in the past year told me they needed to be able to serve anything other than a feast of simple fare.)
I have spreadsheets to show where and how I got various ingredients for the meal either at a discount or free, as well as *how* I chose a menu to make the most use of seasonal ingredients and balance a few pricey items with less-expensive ones. I will also discuss portion control and overall food amounts.
I based my planning for this feast on a number of excellent suggestions I'd gathered in the past year from several roundtable discussions I held in our kingdom at various events to brainstorm and share tips for frugal period feasts.
I could offer to teach one of my standard classes as well at the event, but I was hoping to attend a number of the other classes and check out what people are sharing! :) 


 >>When I asked about a week or so ago who was planning to go,
> I think maybe
> three people responded!

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