[Sca-cooks] September 2008 MK Cook's Challenge

David Friedman ddfr at daviddfriedman.com
Tue Sep 2 11:13:36 PDT 2008

>The Challenge:
>You are the besieged in a fortified location. Your food stores are running
>low and you must figure out a way to end the siege to avoid the possibility
>of starvation. Your enemy has agreed to parlay at your location and you must
>appear to be able to hold out for many more months should negotiations go

There is a period solution to this problem--a Russian story--although 
I don't think you could manage it with your ingredients.

Dig two pits. Fill one with beer, the other with porridge. When the 
envoy from the besiegers comes, mention that you have no problem with 
food and drink, since you have a porridge well and a beer well. When 
he expresses curiousity, show them to him, give him a taste from each.

Might have been kvass, rather than beer--a while since I read the story.

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