[Sca-cooks] huitlacoche?

Dragon dragon at crimson-dragon.com
Tue Sep 2 12:20:48 PDT 2008

Terry Decker did speak thusly:

>Ustilago maydis (corn smut) is a fungal infection of maize, which 
>usually attacks ears of corn replacing the kernals with growths that 
>will produce more spores.  The immature fungal growths (before the 
>dry our and spore) may be eaten as delicacies.  Corn smut reduces 
>crop yields, so if your goal is to grow corn measured in bushels per 
>acre, it's a pest.  It also looks ugly, which makes it difficult to 
>think of corn smut as food.
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Ever seen a whole truffle just after being unearthed? They don't look 
like food either. Both fungi are very much edible and very delicious.


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