[Sca-cooks] Before Markham was ISO carbonado references.

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Other English references/recipes that predate Markham  include:

      To make carbonados of Mutton.

Cut a Leg of Mutton in thin fillets, and to make it tender chop it on 
both the sides with the back of a knife, so that they be not chopped 
thorow, then salt them well and lay them on a grediron, and broil them 
till they be inough, and with Vinagre and minced onions serve them forth.

/A Book of Cookrye/,  by A. W., London, 1591. 

Michael Best cites this 1591 edition but of course the book was first 
published in 1584, so that makes it even earlier.

Plat's Delightes for Ladies has a recipe in his cookery section that reads:
26 How to avoid smoke, in broiling of Bacon, Carbonado, &c 
(I won't copy this recipe out because I'm sure people have Plat at hand.)

Michael Best in his footnotes for his edition of The English Housewife 
notes that the smoke taste
wasn't always sought, so our modern tastes that like smoke in BBQ may be 
off from what they
would have wanted in Elizabethan England. Again it would predate Markham.

Just about the same time as Markham, John Murrell published his A New 
Booke of Cookerie.
The 1617 edition of that according to Michael Best contains all the 
ADDITIONS recipes that
appear on pages 93-94 of his edition of Markham. The online edition of 
Murrell is a 1615
and doesn't seem to have these recipes.

One website that comes up  that covers the entire subject that hasn't 
been mentioned
 is http://www.3owls.org/sca/cook/medievalbraai.htm

It cites first all this person:
Master Gideanus Tacitus Adamantius, "Carbonadoes: a medieval barbecued 
meat dish." http://www.florilegium.org/files/FOOD-MEATS/Carbonadoes-art.html


Ginny Beatty wrote:
Hi all,
I'm working on my article for Artes Draconis on
carbonadoes/carbonados/charbonados. Markham (English Housewife) states that
this particular cooking technique is French in its origin.

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