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On Thu, Sep 4, 2008 at 2:50 PM, Dragon <dragon at crimson-dragon.com> wrote:
> Trivets are a wonderful thing.
> Do you know what sort of clay was used in making the pottery skillet?

Not a clue. The potter was nattering on about having fired the clay in
either an oxydizing or reducng atmosphere, and she gelkp that
whichever it was, the other would have done the job without breaking.

> Also, I want to point out that if the lamb had been roasted to the side of
> the fire and not directly over the coals you could have avoided your flare
> ups. Bank the coals to the side and place a drip pan with some water in it
> under the roast. The indirect heat will roast it just fine, you won't get
> the flares and you will have the yummy drippings to dip bread into or use in
> a sauce or savory pudding.
> Dragon

Don't try to teach your gramma to suck eggs ;-) I'm well aware of
that, but my usual set up had been co-opted by the rest of the cooks,
so rather than inconvenience them, who were rather new to cooking over
a campfire and coals, for the most part, and who were trying various
experiments, I simply went to plan B, and compensated for having to
cook over flames rather than coals. The idea was to cook the food
effectively, and dripping a bit of water to tame the flare-ups worked
quite handily.

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