[Sca-cooks] OOP but WANT!!!!!

Dragon dragon at crimson-dragon.com
Thu Sep 4 16:47:47 PDT 2008

Saint Phlip did speak thusly:

>S'OK. You're rather new to the List, and thus unaware that I've been
>doing open fire cookery for years, even before the various experiments
>we've been doing with pottery as shown on Michael's site. Did you see:

On the 2006 series... the cookpot from Macedonia is very suspiciously 
glazed. That super shiny sort of glaze on earthenware says "potential 
lead poisoning" all over it to me. I'd be wary of using it for food, 
especially anything with any significant acid content. As far as I 
know, the only glazes that produce that sort of sheen are lead 
glazes. Yes, I did see that the pot was unglazed inside, but the 
pottery is porous and water will soak through the clay to the glaze.

Overall though, looks quite nice. I'd be happy to share an open fire 
and some good food with you (any of you) if we are ever at the same 
event. It is a goal of mine to eventually make it to Pennsic one of 
these years, though I don't know when that might be. I'm going to do 
my absolute best to be at Estrella in February next year.

>At the moment, I'm interested in experimenting with the tuyeres Elaine
>made me for my wooden forge- in fact the clay to set it in is almost
>ready, and I'm sewing the shelter for the set up as we type.

Tuyeres? Not familiar with the term... Care to enlighten me?

>I HATE sewing...

By hand? So do I, with a passion.

However, if "cheating" with the machine, I'm OK with it.


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