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Thu Sep 4 20:04:03 PDT 2008

The question is where did he get the pot. Is it "Macedonian" because of the
shape/style or that is where he purchased it?
If made in the States, there is a greater chance that the glossy glazes is
lead free as there are lead free glazes. From what I can tell the interior
is glazed with a matte or satin glaze. It may also be underglaze with a
clear glaze over it, which to my understand most clear glazes are lead free.


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<<<<On the 2006 series... the cookpot from Macedonia is very suspiciously
glazed. That super shiny sort of glaze on earthenware says "potential lead
poisoning" all over it to me. I'd be wary of using it for food, especially
anything with any significant acid content. As far as I know, the only
glazes that produce that sort of sheen are lead glazes. Yes, I did see that
the pot was unglazed inside, but the pottery is porous and water will soak
through the clay to the glaze.>>>>

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