[Sca-cooks] Curried Goat, was Celia's Hundred

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Sun Sep 7 16:02:13 PDT 2008

I had curried goat when i lived in Indonesia - kari kambing. It was 
GOAT, not kid, which is quite tasty. This was very much GOAT. The 
"kari" was a fairly standard yellow curry (not Indian standard, but 
the kind of yellow curry that they use in China, in Japan, in the US, 
and goodness knows where else), with perhaps a few more chilis than 

Since that was getting close to 30 years ago, i don't remember the 
exact circumstances. IIRC - and maybe i'm not - i was in Medan, the 
capital city of Sumatera Utara (North Sumatra) - in a Padang 

I was not fond of it. It wasn't just goat, it was GOAT. I would not 
be in a hurry to eat it again.

I would be willing to eat goat again, if there were no other choices. 
In fact, i'd probably rather eat GOAT than a Krispy Kreme donut or a 
Big Mac or a Hostess "fruit" "pie" (not really pie, and probably not 
really fruit...)

However, i have since eaten kid, spit roasted whole over a fire, and 
it was quite tasty. And i'd happily eat it again.

I passed up a chance to eat dog while in Indonesia, in a Batak 
restaurant in Jakarta. My ex-husband's people (Batak) eat dog. Don't 
get them wrong, they love their pet dogs. But when a dog starts 
getting too old and feeble... into the pot. I declined, not for 
sentimental reasons, but because i suspected the dog was not well fed 
and the meat was not properly kept. Instead i ordered b2 (babi = 
pork) rather than b1 (biang which is Batak for dog). My ex-husband 
ordered dog... and he got sick from it.
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