[Sca-cooks] Celia's Hundred (was RE: The Omnivore's Hundred)

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Sun Sep 7 16:08:34 PDT 2008

I've made curried goat- mild, medium and hot. Sometimes I put  
cocoanut in, sometimes not.


On Sep 7, 2008, at 7:01 PM, Lady Celia wrote:

> And Antonia replied:
> <<"Curry" covers a huge range of possibilities.  It could be  
> anything from
> very hot to very mild.>>
> That's what I meant :)  And is why I always ask first, or ask for a  
> taster
> spoon before getting a full order.  My first experience with curry  
> was with
> a relatively mild curry that sort of built up on you... the first  
> bite was
> interesting, the second *good*, the third, "OMG" ... and then I had  
> to rush
> to the bathroom because my system rejected something in the curry.   
> For
> years I thought I was "allergic" to curry because the next time I  
> had curry
> it was too hot, and I couldn't even eat it.  I later had a friend  
> who made
> curried chicken that I *loved*, and she, (who is also a  
> naturopath), when I
> relayed my experiences, she explained to me that "curry" was a  
> catch all
> term for a mixture of spices which can vary from cook to cook, and
> postulated that I might be having a negative reaction to one of the  
> specific
> spices in the mix... probably tumeric, and since I had never had  
> tumeric in
> anything else and she didn't include tumeric in her curries, I  
> accept that's
> a good possibility.

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