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I found this intriguing message- alas no recipe, I haven't access to  
Curye. any hints on how I can find Master Ian Damebrigge of Wychwood?



Master Ian Damebrigge of Wychwood wrote about a sweet pickle from

Curye on Inglish, p. 120-121

This is a wonderful sweet pickle.  It is the one Cossette and I used  
in the

last feast we did.  It was the Janeltis feast held in the honor of the

Dowager Princess of An Tir at the An Tir Kingdom Kingdom A&S  

We put up about 24 jars of it.  Because this was a visual as well as  

feast we did the Pears and green and red cabbage separately so that we

would have different colors on the plate and garnished it with fresh

violets and pansies (edible). It was a pickling extravaganza, and the

kitchen was quite sticky afterward!

We did it the weekend before the feast, it was part of the first course

which was all cold as we had the kitchen for a very limited time.


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