[Sca-cooks] Semi-topical query re one of The Hundred: Cigars

Huette von Ahrens ahrenshav at yahoo.com
Mon Sep 8 17:19:34 PDT 2008

Hi Ademantius!

I don't smoke, but my husband Hroar used to work in a fine tobacco and cigar store, long before he had his health problems.  He cannot smoke any more, but everytime we walk by a cigar/smoke shop, we have to stop and he has to check out what is being offered.

His comments:  Adamantius has very good taste in cigars.  His favorites were Joya de Nicaragua, Montterey, and Partagas.


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> Subject: [Sca-cooks] Semi-topical query re one of The Hundred: Cigars
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> Hullo, the list!
> I'm going out on a limb here. I was interested to see
> some of the  
> comments on one of the objects mentioned among the Hundred
> Foods/ 
> Gustatory Experiences one should have in his/her lifetime.
> The item?  
> Cigars.
> While I'm really not interested in hearing how much
> people hate them  
> (Yeah, we get it), I am very interested in hearing from
> some of the  
> people who don't, and specifically those who actually
> enjoy them once  
> in a while. More specifically, what are your preferences?
> A virtual smack on the head to those who tell me
> "Cubans," which is  
> approximately as meaningless as telling me you like any
> wine as long  
> as it's French. Cuban what??? Why?
> For example, I'm coming to the conclusion that I
> don't much care for  
> Dominican or Jamaican leaf filler, and prefer Honduran or,
> better yet,  
> Nicaraguan filler grown from Cuban seed stock, in either a
> natural  
> Cuban-seed (grown in any of several places), a shade-grown
> Connecticut  
> Valley (people often forget Tobacco Road is in New
> England), or a  
> sweet-spicy-espresso-chocolatey, coal-black, Brazillian
> Maduro wrapper.
> Shapes: I'm a torpedo guy, and don't like those
> skinny fake Churchills  
> with small ring sizes: larger ring sizes seem to tend to
> burn cooler.
> On brands from the more readily-accessible post-embargo
> types, I've  
> had good experiences with Ghurkas, Sol Cubanos, and
> Perdomo.
> Anybody else have any particulars they'd like to share?
> Of course, I'm  
> assuming we're people of taste here and this will not
> become a  
> discussion on people's bad manners in inflicting their
> vile fumes on  
> the unappreciative. Which, admittedly, can get pretty vile
> indeed when  
> not properly controlled ;-) ...
> Thanks!
> Adamantius
> "Most men worry about their own bellies, and other
> people's souls,  
> when we all ought to worry about our own souls, and other
> people's  
> bellies."
> 			-- Rabbi Israel Salanter
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