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Antonia Calvo ladyadele at paradise.net.nz
Wed Sep 10 12:15:42 PDT 2008

Lilinah wrote:
> Yerasimos uses the French gelee (literally jelly) in a number of 
> places. He often uses if when referring to zerde, which is a type of 
> rice pudding, so in all those cases, i replaced it with, well, rice 
> pudding. However, it shows up in a couple other spots where it means 
> different things, in once case aspic.
> The one i'm having trouble with is the application of gelee to Paluze. 
> This is a dish made of fruit juice, sugar, and wheat starch, cooked 
> until thick, then poured onto a marble slab to set, then cut into 
> pieces. Descriptions in other sources say it is chewy, and make it 
> sound as if it's almost like fruit leather, but not so tough.
> I know that the English often say "jelly", where we USAmericans would 
> say jello, but that's a brand name; it's clearly not gelatin, since no 
> gelatin is involved; and i don't want to say fruit leather, because it 
> isn't quite.
> For the moment i have "fruit gel", which isn't quite right either.

Sooo... what's wrong with just calling it a jelly?

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