[Sca-cooks] Musing on Mongol

Johnna Holloway johnnae at mac.com
Tue Sep 16 14:38:45 PDT 2008

I agree with Eduardo in that I also think it depends on numbers,
not only of vegetarians but the total seats plus servers.
One table of 8 Veg. plus say 60 at table plus 6 servers means
cooking for less than 80. You start getting upwards of 1/2 Veg. seats
and things start getting complicated.

The Cloud Forest Hall recipes might offer some choices.
Have you looked at those? They aren't Mongolian but they are Far East,
rather than Arabic.

I think Drakey promised he'd post his feast recipes or descriptions too.
Might be something in there too.


David Walddon wrote:
> How about the Grain, plus meat, plus vegetable recipes with out the meat?
> At least this gives them an option?
> I think it depends on how many you have.
> Serving could be an issue and they might not get the full experience, 
> but if you could leave out the meat of a few dishes it might work.
> Eduardo

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