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<<< I tried to search the archives and got no hits, so I thought I  
would try here.  The title sounds interesting, the description less  

Cooking in Europe, 1250-1650 (Greenwood Press Daily Life Through  
History series)

Gwen (being asked for birthday HINTS) Cat >>>

You got some feedback on this specific book.  But I think a lot of it  
will depend upon what sorts of books are you interested in? Are you  
more interested in books about food and food subjects? Or cookbooks  
with medieval recipes? And if the latter, do you want just the  
original texts,  the translations, or both of these plus a modern  

Here are some files in the FOOD-BOOKS section of the Florilegium  
which might help you come up with other book ideas.
books-food-msg   (172K)  2/21/08    Books about food. Not cookbooks.
cookbooks-bib     (44K)  2/15/04    Cookbook bib. by Mistress Jaelle  
of Armida.
cookbooks-msg     (72K) 12/21/01    Reviews of cookbooks with  
medieval recipes.
                                        Messages posted before  
September 1995.

Or if someone  wanted to buy you the complete collection of these  
pamphlets that would give you some good recipes and a broad overview  
of a number of different topics and time periods. The ordering info  
is given in this new file.
Feudl-Gourmet-art  (6K)  8/30/08    A list of the Feudal Gourmet  
                                        series by the Madrone  
Culinary Guild.

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