[Sca-cooks] nafila fatima?

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It's really interesting see how the big villages from the Macedonien
mountains where the Antiquity Macedoniens were down to Greece and to conquer
half the world are today most empty. Very little people are left, mostly
elderly people. Their children and grandchildren lives in the cities and
they come down once in a while to cook for them food made with thousands of
years recipes and traditions. Nobody in the cities can cook the food or bake
the breads or the pastries.
I searched for a book about Macedonien traditional cookery in English when I
was in the country (left Skopje yesterday), but didn't find one. The
grandmother of my friend, she who actually did the pastries, is going to
write down the recipe in Macedonien and my friend is going to translate it
into English. I share more than willing the recipe with all of you!


ps: it could be a real interesting article for PPC, Johanna, you are totally


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