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Wed Sep 17 11:18:01 PDT 2008

Johnnae wrote:
>The Cloud Forest Hall recipes might offer some choices.
>Have you looked at those? They aren't Mongolian but they are Far East,
>rather than Arabic.

I have managed to get a copy of the first article published in the 
PPC some years ago, although i've never seen the follow up article 
which was published one or two issues later (anyone have that?)

Not much vegetarian among them. They follow clearly Chinese cooking 
techniques and i look forward to making some, but nearly all involved 
meat in some way. I had been hoping there'd be more vegetarian 
recipes among them.

However, this makes me think that having a course of "fringe" foods 
might work, or one or two "fringe" dishes in each course - both 
purely Arabic and purely Chinese, and maybe a Turkish recipe or two - 
might help diversify the food for non-meat eaters.
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