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I read Swedish and I searched for some reference to Freses. The Freses were
a well educated family, Henrich Frese was a doctor and specialist in herbs
at the court in Moskva and his dotter Helena was well educated. They
exchanged letters and worked out names of herbs, flowers and natural
Can the name the Freses be related to them?

ps: if not, send to me the pieces in Swedish you don't understand!

On Wed, Sep 17, 2008 at 11:54 PM, Johnna Holloway <johnnae at mac.com> wrote:

> Try Froissart
> duke Aubert of Bauier / erle of Heynalte / of Holande and of zelande / and
> also by his sonne Wyllm? of Bauyere / who writeth hym selfe lorde of Frese /
> whiche is a great countrey and a puis-saunt / whiche cou?trey the sayd duke
> and his sonne claymeth to haue by ryght successyon / and so dyde their
> predecessours before them / but the Fresons wolde neuer fall to any reason /
> nor come vnder obeysau?ce /
> later in the same text
> Lette Iohan of Burgoyne and our cosins of Fraunce do their enterprise / and
> do thy dedes aparte / & go thou in to Frese and conquere our herytage that
> these fresones by pride and rudenes do witholde fro vs / and wyll come to
> none obeysaunte / and to do this I shall ayde the.
> Here begynneth the thirde and fourthe boke of sir Iohån Froissart of the
> cronycles of Englande, Fraunce, Spaygne, Portyngale, Scotlande, Bretayne,
> Flaunders, and other places 1525.
> Johnnae
> euriol wrote:
>> Hello all,
>> Some of you may be aware I'm working on a translation of an herbal, and I
>> came across a word I can't define. The herbal is "The Names of Herbes" by
>> William Turner. In the entry regarding wormwood it says (my translation)
>> "the Freses call it wild rosemary". I cannot identify precisely exactly
>> who
>> the "Freses" are. I have a guess that it might be the Frisians, but I can
>> not find anything conclusive with all the web searching I've done. There
>> are some books that appear to be written in Swedish on google books that
>> has "Freses" (capitalized) but I do not read Swedish so I can't translate
>> them in context. Just to note that the Greek, Latin, German, French &
>> English name for the wormwood is already identified in the entry for
>> wormwood. It even has an entry for "Coloners" which I could confirm to
>> mean
>> "Colonists", but from which Colony is not stated.
>> Any help would be appreciated,
>> Euriol
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