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Anne wrote:
>I've recently received my copy of A Noble Boke of Cokery from these guys
>  http://tudorcook.blogspot.com/
>I'm translating one of the recipes for Chawettys and am stumped by 
>two items.  If someone knows, please help.
>Here is what the line says: ......"verpous, & do hem in a cofyn with 
>olkys of Cyroun, & kutte Datys & Royfonys of Coraunce"......
>1) what is "olkys of Cyroun" - Oils of ???
>2) Royfonys of Coraunce - regular raisins?

First, there's something wrong with your transcription. (maybe it's 
the font the book is printed in)

The first word in your quote is miswritten - it is verjus (no p) - 
which is a type of sour green (vert) grape juice (jus).

Next, that should say "olkys of Eyroun", not Cyroun, which is egg yolks.

Fourth, Royfonys of Coraunce  - that's a long S in the first word, so 
Roysonys of Coraunce, which are... dried currants. Corinth grapes, 
which i can sometimes find around here, are very tiny sweet grapes, 
and when dried they become raisins of Corinth = raisins of Corance = 
currants (the dried kind). So, yes, they're a kind of raisin, and 
tiny ones. Fresh currants are completely unrelated and not what is 
asked for.

Sometimes reading old typefaces is a challenge.
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