[Sca-cooks] Next Pennsic

S CLEMENGER sclemenger at msn.com
Thu Sep 18 18:40:18 PDT 2008

I think you guys would have an amazing good time, but unless 
Santa/Jehovah/Loki drops a winning lottery ticket in my lap that enables me 
to quit my job and live as an independently wealthy woman, I'll never be 
able to go to Pennsic.  *sigh*  I got *quite enough crap and muttering from 
the PTB this past August for going to Los Angeles over a long weekend as it 
was (gone 3 days).

> > Hey, it ain't too early- I'm already mostly packed ;-)
> >
> > Seriously, though, considering the lack of interest lately in the
> > Knowne Worlde Cookes Potlucke, we've been progressing with the Open
> > Fire Cookery experiments we've been doing. Next War, we're talking
> > about doing it twice, once each week. A friend of mine from
> > Northshield has said that he'll build us an oven, and I'd like to know
> > who here would like to be involved- I'm considering starting up a List
> > so we can make plans, and set up a real, serious, period feast for
> > ourselves.
> >
> > So, whaddaya think, folks? Is there enough interest, or shall we
> > simply continue with our own experiments, and tell the rest of you as
> > we happen to think o0f it? 

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