[Sca-cooks] A different Angel's Dish (was: HAAAAAAALLLLLPPP!)

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Even though I am positive that you want the Angel's Food recipe from the Sent 
Sovi that others have already provided, I'm sending this recipe from de Nola. 
 It's for Angel's Dish.  (I am using Vincent Cuenca's translation, but 
Mistress Brighid's is on the Florilegium.)

Angel's Dish
Ruperto de Nola
translation by Vincent Cuenca

     For twelve serving dishes, take an azumbre of milk when making fresh 
cheese curds, and take the curds and put them into the milk, and take nine ounces 
of sugar and put it in; and take a quarter of aged cheese, which is four 
Castilian ounces, and grate it, and grate an equal amount of dry bread, and take 
twelve egg yolks and beat them with the cheese and breadcrumbs and a bit of 
milk to stir it around, and fold it in with the milk and curds, then take some 
mint and grind it well, and add two maravedis' worth of saffron, and a bit of 
milk to thin it, and put it in the pot with the rest, and when it is all of a 
good color place it on the coals well away from the fire so that the smoke does 
not touch it, and constantly stir it in one direction, and when you that it is 
very thick taste it for flavor, and if you see that it is good, set it apart 
and cover it well and let it rest while the food is prepared, and grind a 
quarter of sugar and the quantity of cinnamon that you deem appropriate and mix it 
with the sugar in the mortar to scatter over the serving bowls.

I've quite often thought of making this one even though I absolutely adore 
Angel's Food!!  (prefer to use orangewater rather than rosewater, though)

A sus ordenes,
Constanza Marina de Huelva

In a message dated 9/19/2008 12:16:56 AM Mountain Daylight Time, 'Lainie 

> HI all!
> I'm pulling together the shopping list/ menu, etc for this weekend's 
> tourney, and have found that a recupe I want to use is mysteriously 
> missing from my notebook. It was called 'Angel food', was a blend of 
> soft cheeses and (I think) rosewater and sugar. But I can't find it 
> anywhere and a quick search of online sources are not turning it up. 
> Does anyone recognize it, offhand, Where is it from? I really want to 
> make it this weekend but I'm not certain on the ingredients!
> Any help is much appreciated,
> 'Lainie


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