[Sca-cooks] A Noble Boke of Cokery of 2007 was Chawettys

Johnna Holloway johnnae at mac.com
Fri Sep 19 10:43:21 PDT 2008

They could not have made it anymore complicated, could they?
No sources listed and the title confuses. One reason
to call it

Fitch's A Noble Boke of Cokery
  A Noble Boke of Cokery of 2007, I guess.

I thought last year that they should named this complied book something like
Receipts of Cookry or At the Prince's Table or The Medieval Table.

Napier's book from the 1880's is based on the Holkham MSS 674. Napier 
didn't do a very good job
when she copied the book from the original mss. There are several recipes
missing as well as other problems. Constance Hieatt has done several 
that compare this manuscript to the Pynson volume of 1500.
One of those is:

Sources of, and Analogues to, the Noble Boke of Cokery by Constance B. 
 /Journal of the Early Book Society for the Study of Manuscripts and
Printing History. /Volume 3 (2000)
Edited by Martha Driver, Pace University.

We also mention and include Napier of course in the Concordance..

 Believe it or not, I can  do the comparisons in house now between 
Napier, Holkham and Pynson volumes
because I own copies of all three.
One is on CD, one is on microfilm, and one is the actual book. We won't 
the cost or how long it took to find and get them here;
let's just say that obsessions can cost $$$. I can't wait until the new 
facsimile two
volumes Pynson is finally out. That will be another huge expenditure, 
I'm sure.


edoard at medievalcookery.com wrote:
> It's also worth noting that the "A Noble Boke of Cokery" available for
> sale from http://tudorcook.blogspot.com/ is not the same text as the "A
> Noble Boke off Cookry" available online for free at
> http://www.medievalcookery.com/etexts.html
> The free, online text ("A Noble Boke off Cookry") is a transcription of
> a single 15th century manuscript, as presented in a book published in
> 1882 by Robina Napier.
> - Doc
>> -------- Original Message --------
>> From: Johnna Holloway 
>> Ah, how to work with this A Noble Boke of Cokery.
>> snipped
>>   Fitch's A Noble Boke of Cokery is a compilation of recipes from
>> a number of sources.
>> The  secret or what you aren't being told is that the recipes appear in 
>> other books or even on the web.
>> It would have
>> been nice had A Noble Boke of Cokery actually mentioned someplace
>> where these recipes came from, but no matter here's your cheat sheet.

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