[Sca-cooks] A proposal: Das Kochbuch der Philippine Welser

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Fri Sep 26 13:45:12 PDT 2008

--- Sam Wallace <sam_wallace at hotmail.com> schrieb am Fr, 26.9.2008:

 Well, actually,
> I would like to 
> share all of the joy, but I believe there might be some
> copyright issues. 

I am spectacularly ignorant of copyright issues, so I can't help here.. 

> Zucker zu leytteren

To clarify sugar
> Item Nimb ain pfund zucker, vnd das weys von aynem ay, 

Take a pound of sugar and the white of an egg

> das
> schlag wol mit 
> ainem leffell, vnnd thues jn den zucker, 

beat this well with a spoon and put it into the sugar

>vnnd geuss ein
> mass wassen [wasser] 
> dar eyn, vnnd ruers durck ain ander, 

and pour a /mass/ of water into it and stir it together

> thues dan jn ain
> mesina pfanen, vnnd 
> ruers 

put it into a /mesina/ (glazed pottery?) pan and stir it

> setz auff ain tryfuess dhue ain glut dar vnder, vnnd
> las zwo stund 
> sten, vnnd ruers nit vmb, 

Put it on a trivet (lit. 'tripod'), put embers underneath and let it stand for two hours, and do not stir it

>vnnd schaue, vnnd schaue, das es
> nit jber ge 

And see, and see (repeated) that it does not go (boil) over

> vnnd 
> wn [crossed out] wan du sichst das das kitt zu samen get,

and when you see that the /kitt/ goes together ('kitt' in modern German is putty. this may refer to the egg white coagulating)

> vnnd sy auff pent 
> vnnd der zuger praun wirt 

and it /pent/ upwards (may mean boils up) and the sugar turns brown

>so Nim jn her ab vnnd seychs
> schen durch ain durch 

Then take it down and strain it through a /durch/ (probably dialect contraction of 'durschschlag/, a straining or bolting cloth)

> vnnd setz dan wider auff den tryfuess vnnd lass auff ain
> stund sten

And put it on the trivet again and let it stand for another hour

> vnd wan 
> du sychs das es prun jst so thue den zucker her ab von dem
> feur 

and when you see that it is brown, then put the sugar down (away) from the fire

> vnnd thue jn 
> an das ding das du ayn machen wilt Es sey jmber paredeyss
> epfoll oder ander 
> ding 

And pout it with the thing you want to preserve, be it ginger, 'paradise apples' or other things

> vnd las als lang ser [crossed out] sten biss es lab
> wirt so ist es 
> recht.

And let it stand until it becomes /lab/, that way it is properly done. 
> You know it has to be good if it starts off with,
> "Take a pound of 
> sugar...." 

It's not really much of a recipe, but I gave it a start. What really interests me is what those 'paradise apples' are. 



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