[Sca-cooks] Das Kochbuch der Philippine Welser - Rec. 2

Sam Wallace sam_wallace at hotmail.com
Sat Sep 27 19:04:58 PDT 2008


I appreciate the responses I got about this cookbook. To respond to the 
comments about this project.... I am not interested in making money from 
this project, just in sharing this work and making it accessible. It would 
be nice to compile it at the end and post it, with attributions to those 
involved. Also, the transcription is of the original text. It is not in 
modern German. The original is in three different hands. I can make out the 
first with the help of the transcription. The others are more legible I am 
following along when I type this up as there are several entire sections 
that were crossed out and am interested in seeing how they were handled in 
the transcription. It also reassures me that I am giving you an accurate 
transcription. And, yes, the word "vnnd" is repeated in the original.

Ain kunst so ainem das
zanflaisch geschowllen jst

So Nembe anderhalb lodt wolgemut ain lot Damentten ain quintle jmberzechen 
ain lodt [crossed out] quintle allet ain lodt rasen es seyen dir oder gryen 
vnd drey leffell voll Rrasen essyg als zu samen jn ainer halben Augspurger 
mas wein gesotten Man muss es halb eyn syeden lasen vnnd vnnd jber Nacht 
stan lasen jm haffen darnach durch ain dauch seyen Man mus auch ain quinttle 
ayches lab [crossed out] lab d dar zu dan ain das Drey mallen Mit disem wien 
den Mund weschen warem am Morgen niechteren vnnd zu Mit tag ain Mall vnnd zu 
nacht wan Man schlafen will gen



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