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In Germany? I dunno...I suspect you'd have to find a store selling American 
imports, or perhaps purchase it over the internet (or have one of us send 
you some).
Real maple syrup is a strong part of childhood food memories for me, too.  I 
didn't grow up in New England (being born, bred, and apparently permanently 
rooted in Montana), but my parents surely did, so I grew up eating food that 
was distinctly different from our neighbors, who were largely plains-state 
people of Scandinavian descent, as are a fair percentage of my friends. 
Purely makes my hair stand on end to watch one of my good friends put karo 
syrup (oh, gawd, shudders just thinking about it) on pancakes and 
I have a couple of recipes from both grandmothers, and even (I think) a 
chowder recipe from my paternal grandfather, but we lived far enough away 
from them that we rarely visited (let alone cooked for each other).

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I had a hard time believing how powerful childhood food memories can be 
until today. This morning, I went fleamarketing and grabbed 'The Better 
Homes & garden American Heritage Cookbook" for EUR 4. I started reading bits 
and pieces, fairly unaffected, until I got to the 'New England' section. 
During the chapter on Pennsylvania Dutch cooking, I nearly cried. My 
grandmother cooked that stuff for me when I came visiting. I've never been 
within a thousand miles of there, but still - it's the way my grandmother 
cooks, and that's apparently enough.

Now I need a local source for maple syrup.


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