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>They may have been available to those with access to major libraries that
>had copies of these books, but to most of us they weren't.
>I think the
>first actual cookbook I saw was "How to Cook Forsoothly," an SCA publication
>with recipes of questionable authenticity

By Katrine. Some of the recipes were of questionable authenticity, 
but I think mine were all real.

>  (though the pea soup recipe is
>still one of my favs!!)  I did get a copy of the cookbook anthology that
>Your Grace put together, but my copy was at best a fourth generation copy,
>had four ms pages to a page and was pretty much unreadable.

They were all four pages to a page--I was trying to keep the cost 
down so that everyone could afford one. The first generation was 
almost entirely readable, with some effort--I can't speak to the 

>Then a friend
>of mine at Virginia Tech managed to get me copies of several books, but the
>only actual period book was an early translation (not great) of Platina.  I
>also acquired, at that time, a copy of Fabulous Feasts.  And I had a much
>larger library at that point, than did most!  I became aware of such books
>as "To the King's Taste," "To the Queen's Taste" and "Dining with William
>Shakespeare," though it was a long time before I actually acquired copies of
>So yes, we did grab whatever we thought was period or whatever we got from
>the cooks we learned from (locally, we learned from Sir Tojenareum Grenville
>of Devon, whom Your Grace probably knows!).

Yes, although not for many years. I hope he is still well.

>But I think most of us have
>also "grabbed" any new sources as we became aware of them!

Sure. But I don't think the spiced kidney beans described in the post 
I was responding to got into an SCA feast that way.

>On Wed, Apr 1, 2009 at 1:29 AM, David Friedman <ddfr at daviddfriedman.com>wrote:
>>  By the early eighties--or for that matter the early-seventies--there were
>>  lots of period recipes findable. The sort of things you are describing
>>  weren't--and aren't--the result of grabbing whatever medieval/Renaissance
>>  recipe someone could find. They were the result of grabbing modern recipes
>>  that the person doing the grabbing either thought sounded as though they
>>  might be period or liked.
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