[Sca-cooks] Storing eggs through Lent

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Sounds like a job for a Librarian...

Here in a quick search...

Egges are preserued in Winter, yf you keepe them in Chaffe, Straw, or 
Leuen, and in sommer, yf you couer them with Branne, or Wheate. Some doo 
couer them before in fine beaten salt for the space of sixe houres, and 
after wash them, & so lay them in Chaffe, Straw, or Branne. Others 
agayne couer them in Beanes, and some in Beane floure, and some in 
heapes of salt: but salte, as it suffereth not the Egges to corrupt, so 
it greatly deminisheth the substance of them. page 162

from Heresbach, Conrad, 1496-1576. Foure bookes of husbandry, collected 
by M. Conradus Heresbachius. 1577.

To know if the egge be new, you must make such triall as we haue set 
downe to be vsed, to proue and know such as are good to be set.

The huswife that maketh account to sell egges, must in Winter keepe them 
warme vpon straw, and well couered; and in Summer coole in Bran, 
according to the aduise of old Writers: but (be it spoken vnder 
correction) I am quite of a contrarie mind; for the Straw is coole, and 
the Bran hot: Adde further, that egges kept in Bran in Summer doe 
corrupt the sooner. They which doe couer and powder them with salt, or 
lay them in brine, doe impaire them, and leaue them not whole and full, 
which will be a hinderance in the sale of them: and there is no doubt 
but that the egge doth take some bad rellish also by that meanes. The 
Cellar is a good place to keepe them in both Winter and Summer. page 73

 From Estienne, Charles, 1504-ca. 1564. Maison rustique, or The countrey 
farme¨ Compyled in the French tongue by Charles Steuens, and Iohn 
Liebault, Doctors of Physicke. 
this edition was Englished and edited by Gervase Markham. 1616. Estienne 
died in 1564 so this work in French dates before 1600.

Hope this helps


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