[Sca-cooks] OOP Easter dinner

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Easter this year will be taken in the company of brothers-of-choice.  My younger daughter will not be home from military training yet so the only child to hunt eggs is the younger son.


Yes, we are still hunting eggs.


only a few things I will miss about being the mom once he is grown... and this will be one of them (but I digress)
Dinner request is lamb (ewh ewh ewh) ... and I have NO idea how to cook it.  I am toying with the idea of making slits and inserting whole cloves of garlic at intervals and slow roasting over apple wood in the smoker.  Suggestions?
For those who do not eat lamb (me) and as an additional feast offering there will be ham, heated over apple wood as the lamb finishes.
mashed sweet potatoes
wild rice cooked with rosemary and chives
fresh green beans (neither frozen or canned)
mixed lentils cooked with bacon (I am thinking mixed colors)
Hot cross bun dough formed into doves with sliced almonds for the feathers on the wings
I need ideas for soup (French Onion has been VETOed), and dessert.  
Every place will be set with a boiled colored egg with the individual’s name on it.  
So what is everyone else doing?

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