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This may be a similar recipe to what Kiri suggested, but when I think
cold chicken or pork, I think of a sage/ginger sauce that's in To Take
A Thousand Eggs. I make it with 6 hard boiled egg yolks, a good chunk
of fresh ginger (peeled), and a few fresh sage leaves. This gets
whirred in a food processor with enough red wine vinegar to the
consistency you want, and seasoned with salt and pepper. Seems to be a
popular sauce around here - every once in a while, I get a request
from someone for the "Holy Crap Sauce" (dubbed as such by newly Sir
Donas - I warned people it was sharp with vinegar, and not everyone

Things I like to see on a dayboard would be meat, cheese, and bread. A
hot soup/stew would be a bonus. It's fabulous if the meat can be
served with various sauces. I would recommend doing something like a
vegan mushroom/barley soup, just to accomodate various diets (we have
a vegan in our shire, who I have much fun cooking for). I think there
are several pie-type dishes that can be served cold well (like torta

Being a fellow Midrealmer (specifically Pentamere), I don't usually
see dayboards included in site fee, but see things more like a lunch
tavern serving period/period-oid food. You might price some things
individually, and then have a price for a meal deal. That way, the
picky folks can avoid what they don't want, and the non picky folks
can feel like they are getting a deal.

I'm curious to see how this goes - Red Dragon will be close to around
the time I may feel I can venture back out to events this fall (the
peanut is due to arrive no later than September 1st).



> On Thu, Apr 9, 2009 at 1:58 AM, <ranvaig at columbus.rr.com> wrote:
>> Tonight I proposed to the autocrat for our fall event, Red Dragon, that
>> instead of a modern lunch that we try for a dayboard of period food.  The
>> tales of period food here are so inspiring.
>> In the past we have served lunches with a price on each item.  I know that
>> for some events, the dayboard is included in the event fee, but we aren't
>> used to doing it that here.  How do people handle charging for food served
>> buffet style?   Do you break things down to portions and put a price on each
>> portion?  One fixed price for everything?   I'd be inclined to put a
>> donation basket out, but the autocrat said not.
>> The site has a kitchen we can use for cold storage, but will be in use for
>> the feast.  So most of the food will be precooked and served room
>> temperature.  Some hot breakfast items and maybe a hot soup or stew.  Early
>> October in Ohio is iffy, but last year the weather was so nice that many
>> people never came inside to find the food.  Weather permitting, I'm going to
>> setup outside, so it won't be convenient to run back and forth to the
>> kitchen.  I'm in a wheelchair, and the site doesnt have paved walks, so I
>> wont be going anywhere much.
>> I could setup a fire if I wanted.  I love cooking over fire, but am not
>> sure I want to deal with it.  The site has chafing dish stands for foil
>> pans, if I want to use them.
>> Last year, I took over the lunch with less than a week's notice.  I kept
>> things pretty simple: strata of bread, eggs, milk, bacon, and cheese for
>> breakfast.  Pasties with a choice of pork, chicken, or mushroom for lunch
>> with fruit, raw veggies, and cookies. Not truly period, but perioid at
>> least.  Well.. except for the chocolate chip cookies but those sold out
>> first.  The head cook let me use the oven until noon, so I baked the strata
>> on site, and warmed the pasties, which had been baked the day before.
>> It wasn't bad, but I'd like to find period recipes that work well made
>> ahead and can be served cold or room temperature.   What would you be
>> pleased to find on a dayboard?   I'm looking for things more interesting
>> than sliced meat and bread, but not too fussy.  And yes, I've read the
>> dayboard articles in the Flori-thingy.  :)
>> Ranvaig
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