[Sca-cooks] John de Garlande, Dictionarius plus translation by Barbara Blatt Rubin online

emilio szabo emilio_szabo at yahoo.it
Sat Apr 11 10:05:19 PDT 2009

A while ago, we have been discussing John de Garlande's Dictionarius. David/Cariadoc kindly pointed out that there is an English translation by Barbara Blatt Rubin, published in 1981 by Coronado Press, and contacted Marian, one of the two daughters of Barbara Blatt Rubin.

I found a copy to make scans, and we got permission to put the book online. I sent it to Thomas Gloning who has just posted it in his collection:

(section "Further European cookery texts" and in "News and notes")

and here:


The direkt link is:


Have fun,



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