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Sat Apr 11 17:46:40 PDT 2009

We go over this a fair bunch on this list... and i'll be looking over past messages, however, to throw this out there...

I'm the Sciences Minister for the Principality of the Mists. Our A&S pavilion is the former Royal pavilion. It's lovely - and it belongs in an SCA Museum. It was designed back when folks weren't quite sure what held a tent up, so it uses a complex collection of pipes of various lengths - some have referred to it as a giant tinker toy. Most pieces are color coded, but some of the marks have worn off, and some of the longer pipes are a bit bent. If a piece gets lost we're doomed. And there's more...

So the Minister of Arts and i decided we need a newer pavilion that's simpler to store, transport, and erect.

We are beginning fund raising. We figured if we sell breakfasts at our Principality camping events and lunches at our 2 indoor investitures, we could raise most of the money, we hope to have a new one by next Spring Coronet, but if we don't get it until Fall Coronet, we'll be ok with that.

Our Spring Investiture is in about a month. Usually people show up, stay through first court, then drive away in search of fast-food, and come back for the Investiture of our new Prince and Princess. I figure if we offer lunch we can raise some money and keep folks around.

I can't afford to donate all the food money, so i don't want to spend too much. So far i'm imagining: bread, meat, torta slices (egg-cheese-greens), boiled eggs, sliced cheese, condiments (period mustard and sauces), pickles, fresh fruit, and cakes/cookies. For beverage: water and homemade syrups. The weather should be decent. At Fall Investiture in November it's usually cold and rainy, so i'm thinking of serving soup, setting up a camp stove in the parking lot to heat it. We are unlikely to have any kitchen access, since the feast crew will be in there cooking dinner.

I first thought of roast chicken in pieces for the meat, but i'm concerned that may be too difficult to eat, whereas sliced meat can be sandwichized, which keeps the fingers cleaner.

I also think the fruit should be cut in halves or large chunks - comments?

I've got two volunteers to make some of the food and may get a couple more before the event in a month.

Does this sound reasonable? Economical? Should i add or subtract anything? Let me note that most folks around here are fine with period food, so i don't need to add burgers and pizza to the table ;-P

I'd like to give my volunteers some idea of what they can cook by mid-week.

I still don't have a vehicle, but i'm currently in negotiation with some people, so with any luck, i'll have one on Monday. Keep your fingers crossed, light a candle, etc. If i get it i can celebrate my 60th birthday at Pennsic this year. Whoopie!

Thanks for comments and suggestions.

Urtatim (that's err-tah-TEEM)
the persona formerly known as Anahita
and current Minister of Sciences
Principality of the Mists

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