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West African Food in the Middle Ages wrote:

> West African Food in the Middle Ages: According to Arabic Sources by 
> Tadeusz Lewicki
> There is now a paperback edition of this title. The 1974 hardback has 
> long been OP.
> Published by Cambridge University Press on March 5, 2009.
> ISBN-10:0521102022 ISBN-13:978-0521102025
> "It is important for historians studying West Africa before the sixteenth
> century, particularly social and economic historians, to know what the
> basic foods were before the arrival of crops from the Americas such as
> maize, cassava, ground nuts, red peppers and tomatoes. Medieval Arabic
> historians and geographers recorded a great deal of information about
> social and economic life in Africa during the period and this is a
> full-scale attempt to make use of the material related to foodstuffs and
> the preparation of the food. The references collected from the Arabic
> texts are interpreted in the light of the work of modern ethnographers
> and the descriptions given by travellers in more recent times."
> Contents: 1. Arabic sources for the history of the foodstuffs used by 
> West African peoples; 2. Vegetable foodstuffs; 3. Meat and fish; 4. 
> Other foodstuffs; 5. Utensils.
My order to Amazon says they cannot ship to Chile but they, henceforth, 
confirmed the order???
In the meantime can anyone tell me a bit about this theory that all of a 
sudden we could have had products in Spain previously claimed as 
American but now seem to be African introduced by the so called Arabs 
before the 16th century?

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