[Sca-cooks] Outlands Coronation Feast-PSA

Terry Decker t.d.decker at att.net
Tue Apr 21 15:38:43 PDT 2009

Don't apologize for the historical inaccuracy of someone else's messe.  You 
play the hand you've been dealt and the first order of business is to 
produce an edible, filling meal.

>From a personal view, my objection is that for the price, whoever originally 
put this menu together could have easily produced a better ethnic German or 
even a historically accurate period German feast.  While I might object to 
the potatoes and maize products, it is not so much their use, but that they 
way they are being used here is not historically accurate for the late 16th 
Century German States. The vanilla, however, is a glaring anomaly.

Good luck straightening out the mess.  I've been there and I can't say I 
enjoyed the experience.


> Please forgive my PSA but who better to spread the news of an SCA meal...
> As some of you may or may not know - the original cook for the feast has,
> well, how do I put this, ..., quit.
> I have agreed to step in at this late hour.
> We are keeping the feast in the German-esque style originally planned
> although the menu has been slightly altered.
> The initial cut-off date for pre-registration has been extened to May 1st.
> I apologize in advance to those of you who do not use potatoes or corn in
> your feast preparations.  I promise that while the ingredients may not (or
> may - depending on your research) be period the meal will be yummy.
> There will be vegetarian options and some gluten free and kosher style
> (definitely not glak kosher).
> 1st Course:
> Lentil vegetable soup - vegetarian/gluten free
> bread & butter - vegetarian
> 2d Course:
> Bratwurst - 2 kinds, pork and chicken/apple - gluten free
> pierogi - potato/cheese - vegetarian (there may be a second filling -
> sauerkraut)
> gratin savayard - potato/cheese casserole - vegetarian/gluten free
> spaetzle - vegetarian
> vegetables (these will be plain and unglazed) - seasonal (right now it 
> looks
> like carrots and broccoli but this may change)
> condiments - sauerkraut, sour cream, mustards
> 3d Course:
> Strawberry Tarts (fresh strawberries, vanilla pudding, tart crust)
> for those with gluten issues - the pudding is cornstarch based and there
> will be extra not in the tart crusts.
> If you are interested in being on-board for Coronation the initial
> reservation period has been extended until May 1st.  Please see the event
> website at:
> http://www.outlands.org/Default.aspx?alias=www.outlands.org/coronation
> Please share this information as you see fit.  Thank you for your time.
> Shoshanna

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