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Shoshanna replied to my questions about her feast with:

Stefan> What would you like to change? What ingredients do you have  
Perhaps folks here can give some substitute recipes or items which might
work better.>

<<< At this point the notice is up so I'm not changing anything.  We  
have some
reservations based upon this menu and I don't want to "bait and  
switch" on
people. >>>

I was afraid that was what you were going to say. And I can certainly  
understand that. We've had trouble in the past with cooks adding "a  
little extra since I had some left from another dish" that caused  
allergy problems.  And apparently almost anything can cause an  
allergy to someone.

But if you could make something using the same ingredients which  
would be more period, would that be an acceptable change?

This was the reason I was thinking of removing the potato from at  
least some of the cheese pierogies. Some people might still prefer  
the potato and cheese instead of the cheese though. And since I think  
there is still some question of how period the pierogie is, changing  
the filling may not make much difference.
    (See the pierogies-msg file in the FOOD section of the  
Florilegium for more details. :-). Or, Jadwiga, do you have any  
additional info since then on whether pierogies are period or not? )

<<< glak kosher is super duper - orthodox kosher - some Orthodox  
wouldn't eat if
it isn't super certified (at least this is what we called it back in New

I can cook "kosher style" but I'm not kashering my kitchen just for a
feast!  And kashering a church kitchen (where feast will be prepared)  
- not

Thank you. Lol. No, I don't think you could. But do you actually have  
folks that think that any meal in a public place could meet their  
glak kosher standards?

<<< As Adamantius mentioned - it's a potato and cheese dish with a  
broth instead
of cream.  It satisfies the gluten free people and isn't nearly as  
heavy as
an au gratin would be.  The last time I made it (for dinner with  
there wasn't a scrap left.

The recipe I have calls for layering the potatos and cheese lasagna  
It's from a book called "A passion for potatos" - I'll substitute  
broth for the chicken broth to keep it vegetarian. >>>

After Adamantius' translation, and description, I think I might even  
be able to come passably close to such a dish. Not that difficult.  
But I certainly didn't have any idea what the words described before.  
French? English is a perfectly good language...

<<< I have some sour cabbage left over from mid-winter feast that  
I'll use for
this.  It's just cabbage and salt - it's been "stewing" for several  
now, should be good and ready!  >>>

So, is it still salted cabbage now or has it started to ferment into  
sour cabbage?

Side Topic - When I buy sauerkraut in the store, is it actually  
fermented cabbage? Or is it really salted cabbage which has been  
soured by some commercial process other than fermentation?

<<< If I have time we'll make the mustards.  At a mustard workshop we  
had last
year we created something we like to call Caer Galen Blue Mustard -  
we added
some grape juice to it and it comes out with a blueberry hue to it  
and since
Caer Galen's colors are blue and gold - that's the name.  It tasted good
too.  If I can find the recipe we'll go with that.>>>

Is this using Concorde grape juice? Or will other grape juices, such  
as those used for red wine, give you a bluish color?

I'm wondering if you ought to squeeze in time now, instead of "if I  
have time" since some mustards, I've heard, really need some time to  
age before use. Jadwiga? Other mustard experts out there? I've not  
made enough mustards to say myself, except some of mine have been a  
bit rough/sharp and might have done a lot better with some more  
aging, even if just a week or two.

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