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Wow, poor Kitty.
Off subject- We adopted a stray and it would never settle down.
Took it to the vet for the 6mo fixing routine and the vet informed us - no  
wonder it was excitable,
It had both male & female organs and the hormones were fighting their  own 
After everything was taken out - nice calm Kitty.
There is a new line of Flower Essense for animals under the FES Flower  
essence brand.
They have Essences that work on animals just like people.
Our kitties are on permanent -  vine essence, with a few drops of  quacking 
No more fighting.
Isn't Valerian -Cat Speed?  It is what we add to the catnip to give it  
super powers. 
Works to excite aging cats to get their exercise.  Not good for little  
Just more off subject info from the Marsh
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