[Sca-cooks] OP/OT: Wanted: Opinions

Mary + Doug Piero Carey mary.doug at pierocarey.info
Tue Aug 11 10:08:57 PDT 2009


If the author asks you to pull it, you should pull it, that's the deal 
you offer to everyone.  But I'd surely try to talk her out of it.  There 
is nothing inaccurate, nothing wrong in her article.  It's good-natured 
in tone.  Anybody who dislikes what they recognize about themselves in 
it should clean up their own act. 

I have nothing but the profoundest contempt for the purported Royals who 
wish to silence this author.  Their intent is dishonorable & their 
tactics are stupid.  If this author is now an adult, what control do 
they imagine her parents can enforce over her writings?

Only the author can decide if she has the energy to fight this battle.  
If she doesn't, she doesn't.  But I say to her:  I'm with you!  Lay on!


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