[Sca-cooks] How was Pennsic?

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<<Hroar has talked about there being a special transporation service for 
the mobility challenged at Pennsic.  He used it a lot in the years he went to 
Pennsic.  I believe that you have to schedule a pick-up in advance, but he 
said it was worth it.>>
There is.  Working at Lost and Found, sharing the tent with Public Safety, 
it seemed that this year we heard a lot of Public Safety patrols calling 
back to the dispatcher saying things like "There is a lady waiting at the gate 
of such and such camp who would like an assist to get to the University 
area" and the dispatcher saying "Thank you, we'll send someone along".  Some 
pick-ups were apparently scheduled as well, since we heard a few calls in about 
"a person who was supposed to be picked up at this place at 11:00 and the 
cart isn't here yet".
There are also the buses that run around site, but if you aren't on one of 
the routes or if climbing bus steps is an issue that may not be helpful.
Brangwayna  Morgan

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