[Sca-cooks] Toast RE: Cardamon

Judith Epstein judith at ipstenu.org
Wed Aug 12 06:12:01 PDT 2009

No idea about this 'medicinal' use of cinnamon; the only medicinal  
uses of cinnamon I've ever seen are use as a light stimulant, and as a  
slightly effective reducer of nausea. I've always used it primarily as  
a flavoring, not a medical aid. But yes, cinnamon toast is either:

1. Toast bread in pop-up toaster; spread with butter; sprinkle with  
cinnamon and sugar; or
2. Butter bread, sprinkle with cinnamon and sugar, and pop into the  
toaster oven.

For either of these -- that is, for the use of cinnamon as a flavoring  
rather than as a health aid -- cardamom would be perfectly fine as a  
substitute, and Splenda would be perfectly find as a substitute for  
sugar, unless you're one of those folks who get headaches from  
Splenda. (Note: I've used Splenda when serving desserts in my home for  
years, and the people who swear it tastes different, makes them  
headachy or nauseous, have never once reported noticing it at all, and  
they always go back for seconds on my desserts.)

On Aug 12, 2009, at 3:09 AM, otsisto wrote:

> My house, cinnamon toast is toast that you spead butter on and then  
> sprinkle
> with cinnamon sugar. Never heard of the broiler method before.
> Though the sugar is the problem, I have come to understand that  
> cinnamon has
> been found to lower sugar levels and therefore recommended for  
> diabetics,
> Have I heard wrong?

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