[Sca-cooks] Service Animal

Martha Sieting osermart at msu.edu
Wed Aug 12 13:49:28 PDT 2009

> 1) Are you disabled (note not able to ask the reason your disabled)?
> 2) Is that a service Animal?
> 3) What tasks does he perform to mitigate your disability? (also note doesnt
> give them right to decide if task is good enough sample answers guide
> animal, siezure alert animal, mobility assist, hearing alert animal, but if
> you ehar things like he helps me with my depression or he calms me down
> those are emotional support animals and not covered by the ADA which is
> where service animals are allowed).

Well, this seems like basically what I said - they can't ask why you need the animal and they can't ask for proof of certifications.

> I would honestly ask about the service cat. There is not honest proof of
> service animals, well over 90% are owner trained. They do not have to have
> certification (is against the law to actually ask for that). Service animals
> are viewed as durable medical equipment. also falsly claiming an animal as a
> service animal is against the law and is a fineable offense.

So how does one prove the claim is false if one is not allowed to ask why the animal is needed or for proof of service?


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