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Diabetic alert animals are still not recognized by SCOTUS (Supreme Court of 
the United States) as service aniamls yet but we are not giving up :). It 
was a year and a half ago they finally realized Siezure alert animals should 
be covered. Also be careful how you try to represemnt a dog... if you claim 
its a service animal and you get challenged adn the cops called and it 
doesnt fit the criteria they can fine the heck out of you and drag you 
before court. I am one who thinks ESA (emotional Support animals) should be 
covered by the ADA I feel they provide a valid service. Scotus does not yet 

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> If you hitched my Pyrs to a cart, well, that would be funny for about 10
> seconds.  I have them trained NOT to pull.  I am pretty sure Cailte's
> wolfies would not suffer that quietly.A sight hound in harness.  (I can 
> see
> Connor now.....)  Swiss Mountain Dogs, Rotties, some Mastiffs, will hitch 
> up
> nicely if you start them young.  Of course huskies and malamutes.
> My oldest Pyr is 8 and is technically a service dog, being with Therapy 
> Dogs
> International.  I could show his card, but in all fairness I consider a
> service animal just that.  We have gone way beyond seeing eye dogs.  There
> are seizure dogs, "diabetic" dogs.  They work hard.
> Aldyth 

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