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Another area you dont have to dress your animal.. I do when he is out 
working due to the fact he has greater protections under state law. 
Interfering with a service animal is a major offense. As to how one judges 
from another post.. its a judgement call to be frank. One could always look 
up the proper skills for a service animal... and when in doubt pass the buck 
up the chain for them to decide. We have a lady here with a Chi dog... this 
dog weares a service dog vest.. and rides on her shoulder everywhere... when 
you ask her what he does.. he helps her husband with depression (note this 
dog is a ESA not a service animal) but I have never ever seen her husband 
around or him with this dog. Tis just an excuse for her to bring her pet to 
events. My Pyr is trained to unstick my chair.. go for help.. provide 
transfere assistance and quite a few other tasks. Love my bear dog :). When 
someone submits the answer he helps with depression, or any feeling you know 
its not covered.

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> One of our usual sites for events admits service animals only.  I called 
> and
> asked how they verify it.  Our wonderful site owner said they first look 
> for
> the working service animal vest.  They also notice whether the owner is
> visibly disabled, and if the animal stays either leashed or close to the
> owner.  No puppies or kittens or birds.  This is indoors, and by and large
> they prefer the service animals not go into the kitchen.
> Aldyth
> On Wed, Aug 12, 2009 at 2:49 PM, Martha Sieting <osermart at msu.edu> wrote:
>> > 1) Are you disabled (note not able to ask the reason your disabled)?
>> > 2) Is that a service Animal?
>> > 3) What tasks does he perform to mitigate your disability? (also note
>> doesnt
>> > give them right to decide if task is good enough sample answers guide
>> > animal, siezure alert animal, mobility assist, hearing alert animal, 
>> > but
>> if
>> > you ehar things like he helps me with my depression or he calms me down
>> > those are emotional support animals and not covered by the ADA which is
>> > where service animals are allowed).
>> Well, this seems like basically what I said - they can't ask why you need
>> the animal and they can't ask for proof of certifications.
>> > I would honestly ask about the service cat. There is not honest proof 
>> > of
>> > service animals, well over 90% are owner trained. They do not have to
>> have
>> > certification (is against the law to actually ask for that). Service
>> animals
>> > are viewed as durable medical equipment. also falsly claiming an animal
>> as a
>> > service animal is against the law and is a fineable offense.
>> So how does one prove the claim is false if one is not allowed to ask why
>> the animal is needed or for proof of service?
>> -Helena 

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