[Sca-cooks] Service Animal

rattkitten rattkitten at bellsouth.net
Wed Aug 12 19:32:01 PDT 2009

Chass I am curious where you are at as I am in Atlantia and near a Lady 
that has the papers for her dog etc... but yes it is an ESA it seems... 
but she does claim it as hers not her husband's... weird eh? Her hubbie 
will soon no longer be in need of a service animal although he has never 
had one.... he could have used one... (A Horse, he just got new 
knees...) LOL
Not important just found the closeness of that funny.


Chass Brown wrote:
> Another area you dont have to dress your animal.. I do when he is out 
> working due to the fact he has greater protections under state law. 
> Interfering with a service animal is a major offense. As to how one 
> judges from another post.. its a judgement call to be frank. One could 
> always look up the proper skills for a service animal... and when in 
> doubt pass the buck up the chain for them to decide. We have a lady 
> here with a Chi dog... this dog weares a service dog vest.. and rides 
> on her shoulder everywhere... when you ask her what he does.. he helps 
> her husband with depression (note this dog is a ESA not a service 
> animal) but I have never ever seen her husband around or him with this 
> dog. Tis just an excuse for her to bring her pet to events. My Pyr is 
> trained to unstick my chair.. go for help.. provide transfere 
> assistance and quite a few other tasks. Love my bear dog :). When 
> someone submits the answer he helps with depression, or any feeling 
> you know its not covered.
> Chass

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