[Sca-cooks] How was Pennsic?

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<<Have you posted the recipe? Did you use fresh or canned peaches?>>
I haven't posted it, and now I don't know where it got to in the 
post-Pennsic packing and unpacking.  I think it might have been from Elinor 
Fettiplace, but I'm not sure.  The peaches were frozen, taken from the period variety 
peach tree in a friend's cloister garden a few weeks before Pennsic.

<<< My favorite class was one called "Circa 1200".  It was done by a  
couple who
has developed alternate personas as Yorkshire peasants from 1200, and  
do demos showing and talking about their lives and what their house  
like and such.  They apparently go into schools and everything.  Gave  
me some
new ideas for the next time we set up our tent as a "tailor's shop" at a
demo. >>>

<<Oooh. I wish I'd been there for that! Did they have a class handout?  
Do you know who they are, or even better, have contact info?

My persona is 1150s in York Shire, so it sounds like they might have  
some useful info or resources that I could use.>>
Got their card :-)  I thought they said they had a website, but it's not on 
the card.  But a quick Google search found it:
_http://www.muckley.us/circa1200/_ (http://www.muckley.us/circa1200/) 
Brangwayna Morgan
Shire of Silver Rylle, East Kingdom
Lancaster, PA

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