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<<I don't think they run after dark and as others have mentioned they  
have been extremely irregular.>>
The schedule in the Pennsic book this year said they were running until 
approximately midnight.  They had a daily schedule listed, telling when each 
route started running and what sort of bus you would see on each route on 
which dates (sometimes a small yellow school bus, sometimes the black Anderson 
bus for the parking lot route).

<<One of the problems I've had with them is actually with the map in the  
Pennsic booklet. When I first started going to Pennsic, Pennsic 20,  
the two page map had all of the roads labeled and included the bus  
route(s) and all the bus stops. As the years have gone by, they have  
kept the same format for the map, two pages in the center of the  
Pennsic booklet, but the scale of the map has decreased as the area  
that Pennsic encompasses has gotten larger and larger.

The bus stops disappeared. Then the bus routes disappeared. I can't  
remember if the road names have disappeared or not. But it is getting  
harder and harder to know where to catch the busses or with multiple  
routes, which bus to catch to go where you wish to go.>>

They had a pretty good description of what the two routes were this year.  
I honestly don't look at the map in the book much, so I never noticed if it 
had road names on it - but if it did, you'd probably need magnifiers to read 
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