[Sca-cooks] Old copper pot needs TLC

Cheri or Anne celticcheri at yahoo.com
Thu Aug 13 14:20:02 PDT 2009

Yes, there was that much :)  But oh!  the vinegar/salt is doing wonders.  It's all out except the really bad spots in the inside curves and I've tilted the pot and am letting it soak now.  If it's still being stubborn, I'll heat it up a bit....I'll show it who's boss around here!
Thank you so much!

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If there's THAT much verdigris, rather than scrubbing, let it soak in
heated vinegar for a while, and spend an afternoon doing other chores,
and giving it an occasional scrubbing until it comes clean. Elbow
gease is wondrous stuff, and can't be beaten for some applications,
but lazy blacksmiths hve long learned the uses of heat for stimulating
various chemical rections ;-)


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