[Sca-cooks] Period substitute for tomatoes?

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Wait a minute-are you saying that Fried Green Tomatos?could be considered?Period? 

The reason I say that, Ripe tomatos are too watery to fry up. Only the green ones have the firmness one needs to lats through the frying process. 


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> OK. The question is backwards.?
> It's not what to substitute for tomatoes. It's when tomatoes were introduced into the Old World, were *they* subbed into existing recipes or were new dishes created for them??
> What we uncovered when we did ?
"Sixteenth Century Italian and Spanish Tomato References" by Johnnae llyn Lewis, Helewyse de Birkestad, and Brighid ni Chiarain.?
as archived and found in the Florilegium, is that tomatoes reportedly were fried and eaten with verjuice (vinegar), eaten "in the same way as the eggplant with pepper, salt and oil," and eaten with salt.?
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