[Sca-cooks] Period substitute for tomatoes?

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Coming late to this discussion.  


Judith, you said that "cooking is the one thing you can do in a short time frame".  What about your attire?  Surely, you could sew on other days of the week (by hand is "best" but sewing straight seams by machine is the modern equivalent of handing that work off to the new apprentice seamstress, according to one of the better sewing Laurels I know).  Using period materials (Linen , wool, and silk are the obvious ones; hemp and ramie known, and cotton, depending on area of interest) would be a plus, and embroidery or tablet woven trim would be appropriate for most of our time period.  You would have to research the patterns and stitching methods of the time you're interested in, but that is what we're about, no?  It couldn't be done on Saturday, but you do have 6 other days in the week to to the research.  Try it; you might find another art form you enjoy.  The Athena's Thimble group will be most helpful in getting you on the right track.  And you can explore recipes in your free time when you aren't preparing for events, to find things you can cook in advance to meet both religious and Medieval standards.  If you can't find anything you like in the Medieval cuisine you're exploring, try another cuisine.  Keep trying until you find something you like and can live with.  You will eventually find something.  Good hunting.



Brekke Franksdottir

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> Judith wrote:
> "So, if you could just help a sister out, rather than lecture, I'd really,
> really be appreciative."
> I personally cannot think at all of something Old World that would
> substitute for tomato. It's just a totally different ingredient. I
> understand how you can come to depend on it, and I do at home as well. It
> just seems so out of place for me with period food.
> My advice to you, Judith, would be to NOT attempt period recipes at events
> until you've gotten to know the recipes on days you are allowed to cook. The
> food I generally see in camps at events isn't period. Even the stuff I've
> set out for Royalty luncheons isn't 100% period. Many feasts in the Midrealm
> are at least period-ish, but I've also seen many that aren't (as in the
> Subway/Pizza feasts that used to happen at Dancer's Revolt). I've offered PB
> & J at lunch taverns (and been thanked for it by adults as well as kids). If
> anyone complains at you because your food isn't period, they are being
> HIGHLY rude and need to leave you alone.
> So, during the week, do your research, and play with medieval recipes.
> Figure out what you like, and what you might be able to make during your
> limited time frame on Fridays. Then once you're comfy with the recipe, try
> it at an event. But do NOT feel pressured to show up at an event with a
> medieval menu. It simply shouldn't be expected!
> Ilsebet
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