[Sca-cooks] Good to freeze and reheat period foods?

Stefan li Rous StefanliRous at austin.rr.com
Sat Aug 22 22:19:06 PDT 2009

Shoshana Simcha bat Reuven commented:
<<< There are many great period recipes you can make and freeze and then
just reheat.  There is no need to make yourself crazy with the food.   

For several years this was what my wife an I did for Gulf Wars. Since  
there were only the two of us, and both of us were often involved in  
classes or things like security and privy patrol, we didn't want to  
spend a large amount of time fixing and cleaning up for our evening  
meals. Our solution was for her to cook a number of soups and stews  
ahead of time, freeze them and then thaw them out and warm them up  
over the propane stove. For lunch she often made hand meat-pies.

Because she was more comfortable with non-period foods that was often  
what we ate. Lately, we've been part of a very nice, although non- 
period, meal plan. Being able of have a group of friends to share our  
meals with has made up for the change to non-period foods.

However, I would like to create a Florilegium file of suggested period  
foods that others faced with this situation might be able to start  
from. I know most period stews will work for this, and I have a file  
for these already:
stews-bruets-msg  (82K)  7/22/06  Period stews and bruets. Recipes.

But I'd be interested in hearing of other suggestions for foods that  
can be fixed and frozen at home and then thawed out and cooked at an  
event. If a recipe can be readily found in the Florilegium or  
elsewhere, I don't think I need it again, just the name and any  
comments on the dish or things to modify to made it fit this criteria.

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